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Energy Healing

Jane Elizabeth Ma'u

Reflexology, Balance, Detoxify

Sole to Soul Connection

About Jane

Jane is a Certified Reflexologist with many years of experience. Her company is called Sole to Soul Connection. Reflexology goes beyond just the body. It aligns, balances and detoxifies the body to the soul! 

Reflexology Therapy
Hand Massage


Reflexology understands that there are "reflex points" along the body that correspond to certain spots on the hands, feet, and head. By massaging and working at these points it can release tension through the whole body, which can lead to healing on a deep level. 

Benefits of Reflexology

This kind of training takes a long time to master. Jane has done extensive body training to understand exactly where these points are and how to work with them. The benefits of this kind of healing are numerous! Immediately you'll likely feel relaxation, an easing of tension. Increased nerve function, brain power, circulation. An elimination of the toxins caught in the body. Boosted metabolism and energy. Pain relief especially from headaches, menstruation, or pregnancy. Plus so many more! 

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