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Energy Healing


Spiritual Therapist, Healer

Empathic Alex 

About Alex

Alex is a licensed therapist and in through every session is a healing of the soul! She is a spiritual therapist, an energy healer, and a tarot reader. She is a gifted healer and we are lucky to have her at Mystic Movement. See some of what she offers below! 

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Life Contract Reading

In the session you will decode what karmic lessons you need to learn in this life, discuss karmic debts and karmic partners, and what that means to YOU! Together, you'll find out what years are pivotal for you, and what to expect with those major events and ages! 

Egyptian Reiki

Egyptian Reiki session includes the following (per your needs): Chakra Balancing and Activation, Aura Cleansing, Cord Removal, Life Force Energy Intake, and Quantum Healing Codes. This is a powerful container for your next step! 

Reiki Therapy
Tarot Cards

Tarot Reading 

Alex has been reading Tarot for years! She is a gifted medium for the deck to speak directly to you! She offers 30 minute sessions to gain clarity on any aspect of your life through tarot and oracle readings. 

Akashic Records Reading

Take a dive into your past lives and figure out what past life or several lives are affecting you at this point in time. You'll find out how to break the patterns and karmic debts to help you live your highest and best life! 

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