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Energy Healing

Lona Garner 

Neo Tantra Teacher & Sexual Bliss Coach

Lona Teaches Bliss

About Lona 

Lona is a Neo Tantra Teacher and Sexual Bliss Coach! She uses a combination of ancient Tantra techniques like breath, movement, sound, mindfulness, and energy with cutting edge somatic psychology to liberate your whole life! 

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Public Workshops

Lona's most accessible offering is her public workshops at Mystic Movement! She is a master in crafting workshops that drop people into their bodies, open their energy, and transform their lives! She offers workshops on many different topics ranging from sensual embodiment, conscious touch, sex magic, heart opening, bliss activations, and so much more! Check out her Bremerton offerings below!

Private Workshops

Lona offers a customized workshop experience! This includes a session of her transformative coaching that helps her build a custom 3-hour workshop just for you! This is an amazing opportunity for individualized expansion and embodiment! 


Somatic Coaching

Lona also offers incredible sex, love, and relationship coaching! But don't get it twisted... this is whole-life liberation (not just sexual)! By going through the lens of sex, love, and relationships she will help you find what is consciously and unconsciously blocking your pleasure and surrender. And what you're blocking when you're most vulnerable is what you'll block in the rest of your life, too. So, discover how to live in blissful liberation with her in-depth somatic program!

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