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Energy Healing

Tasha Peterson

Spiritual Advisor & Healer

About Tasha:

For the past five years, I have been on a transformative journey of personal healing and growth. Through dedication, self-reflection, and resilience, I have navigated challenges, overcome obstacles, and embraced self-discovery. Now, I am excited to share the wisdom and insights I've gained along the way with others.

As a coach, I bring a unique perspective shaped by my own healing journey. I believe in the power of self-awareness, self-compassion, and intentional action to create positive change in our lives. My coaching sessions are designed to support you in your own journey of healing, growth, and self-discovery.

I am here to empower you, guide you, and cheer you on as you work towards becoming the best version of yourself. Together, we can explore your goals, overcome obstacles, and cultivate a life filled with purpose, fulfillment, and joy.

I invite you to take the next step in your journey towards personal transformation. Let's embark on this empowering journey together.


My Offerings:
Spiritual Advisory Healing Sessions

I help you journey through life from a lens much wider than what the mind provides you. Guiding you back to your innate power so you never have to look outside yourself for answers.

This work is for those who are ready to navigate life from a deeper perspective. To truly understand the meaning of your life and how you can best move through all that comes your way by simply realigning to your truth.


Guiding you to overcome traumas, blocks and limiting beliefs so you can awaken your soul to realign to your self mastery from within to live a more fulfilled, beautiful and intentional life.

Your awakening starts here!!!

Everyones path is different so the work we do together is completely customized to your needs.

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