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Our Story

I'm Tasha Jo 



I am so happy you made it here. I have such a passion for helping others, and I've found my soul purpose in  helping you find yours. My goal is to be a force of inspiration as I follow my calling to help you step into your purpose. I promise I will help guide you with open arms, help you realize your worth and show you how to take back your power. Please feel free to stop in, email, or DM me on Insta if you have any questions at all. I would love to help you in any way that I can. I look forward to meeting you and can't wait to welcome you to the MM tribe! Sending you lots of love and light!! 

How did MM begin?

I was a barista for 16 years looking for my true purpose. I began hosting Goddess Circles (now called Moon Circles) out of my home realizing that I had a passion for bringing people together and helping others. After getting divorced and selling my home I was searching for a new space to bring people together. Through delightful synchronicity I found a space and decided to start selling some crystals and healing tools to assist others. I was getting licenses and permits and the next thing I knew I owned a store, too! 


Welcome to my dream

This store was never a part of my plan but I am so grateful for this journey that has led me here! Since that first location I have expanded twice now, and Mystic MVMT is in her third location with more space for workshops, artists, healers and more! The Circles are still changing and growing as I'm growing and changing with them. Stop in anytime to say hi, message me on Insta, or drop me an email anytime if you want to inquire about selling your handmade art here, hosting a workshop of your own, want to rent a space as a healer, or just want to chat. I love you. 



Healthy Woman


I absolutely adore this store! I had the privilege of meeting the owner. She is such a ray of sunshine and has a beautiful soul! I can't wait to go back and get some goodies and absorb the positive energy! 

Lady in Nature


MM is the most magical store on the planet! There is something for everyone! Whenever I need a gift for someone or a special something for myself I always think to head over to MM! The staff is exceptional and the owner, Tasha, is beyond amazing. I highly recommend a visit, you will not be disappointed! 

Cheerful Woman


This little gem of a place has changed my life! I used to feel so lost, struggle with connection, and a sense of belonging and purpose! I started going to MM once or twice a month, usually if I was having a "bad day" and always found what I needed there. I just needed to be open to receive! MM is a place to just BE! And the Moon Circles have pushed me out of my comfort zone! Thanks!

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