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Sign up to receive this subscription box full of treasures, calming crystals, aromatherapy, handmade items from local artists, and other self love items delivered to your doorstep every month! 


It's time to focus exclusively on YOU! 


Get ready to: 

> Grow with self love rituals 

> Learn about different crystals and their healing properties 

> Kick start or magnify your spiritual journey 

> Enjance your meditation and grounding techniques

> Feel connected and discover mindfulness


This box is the $55 box, which means you'll be getting well over that value per box. Other dollar options available. You'll be subscribed until you cancel the subscription. You pay shipping. 

Subscription Box - $55 per month

SKU: Subscription55
Price Options
One-time purchase
MM Subscription 55
$55.00every month until canceled
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