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Energy Healing


Massage & Energy Healer

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About Joni

Joni is an intuitive massage therapist and energy healer, dedicating herself to helping others find balance, harmony, and relief from physical and emotional stress! She believes that true healing occurs when the mind, body, and spirit are in harmony. She strives to bring about this balance, leaving you feeling renewed, revitalized, and aligned! 

Energy Healing

Energy Healing Session

Joni offers 40-50 minute in person or remote energy healing for people of all ages and even for animals! Sessions include releasing trapped energies, detaching entities, beings, or spirits, heart center healing with angels, archangels, and universal healers, and cord removals. 

Energy Healing Massage

Joni also offers a combo of energy healing and massage! Each session is relaxing, therapeutic, and catered to each clients needs. Combining swedish and deep tissue massage with energy work and releasing trapped energies. This massage is perfect for everything from chronic pain, injuries, and emotional healing, to total relaxation, and even pregnancy. 

Massage Therapy
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Cord Cutting Session

Taking approximately 15-20 minutes per session, Joni  can do cord cutting in person or remote! You can cut energetic ties that bind you to other people, things, places, or situations that no longer serve you. Multiple cords may be cut in a single session, as needed. 

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