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Energy Healing


Reiki Master

Mystic Men Healing

About Maxwell

Having grown up in Taiwan, Maxwell has had the opportunity to explore various alternative healing practices from an early age. Fueled by a deep curiosity about self-healing and a passion for assisting others, he has found his true calling as a Reiki energy healer! He approaches life as a perpetual learner and always loves sharing what he learns both in and outside of his practice, to aid others in their journey towards self-realization and self hearing. 

Reiki Treatment

Breathwork & Reiki

90 minute session combining the power of Shamanic Breathwork with the beauty of Usui Reiki into a transformational inner journey and energy balance experience. Connecting with our own inner healer and releasing stored energies that no longer serve our highest self. 

Usui Reiki - 60 min

60 minute session on hands-on Usui Reiki for energy balance and chakra alignment. 

Reiki Therapy
Energy Healing

Usui Reiki - 30 min

30 minute session of hands-on Usui Reiki for energy maintenance and chakra alignment. 

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